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Les Indemodables

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In Vanille Havane, Antoine Lie celebrates the singular ingredient of vanilla by taking you on an immersive journey through its olfactive complexity. By taking the emphasis away from the one-dimensional confectionary sweetness many vanilla fragrances highlight, and instead focusing on the authentic vanilla bean’s dark richness, Vanille Havane becomes Lie’s interpretation of vanilla as an intoxicating potion with facets of rum, dried fruits, cocoa, cigar, and dark florals that reverberate on an ambery leather base. Vanille Havane is Antoine Lie’s first foray into composing a fragrance centered on only one ingredient, but its masterful and smooth interpretation of the complex olfactive contrasts and complements of each of the vanilla bean’s many facets is the opposite of a typical linear fragrance. If you'd like a genuine olfactive odyssey through the vanilla bean, then this incredible new fragrance is a one-way ticket in a bottle.

Vanille Havane Fragrance Notes

Rum, cocoa, dried fruits, tobacco, floral notes, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, woods, leather