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The Chess Gift Set Box 1/3 Roll Ons



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 Unleash your inner strategist with this captivating collection of four body oils , each a captivating move in the Mind Games fragrance chess match.

This exquisite gift box features:

  • Checkmate: A bold and enigmatic fragrance, opening with the sharp precision of citrus and bergamot, followed by a heart of smoky leather and rich amber. This sophisticated scent leaves a lasting impression, much like a decisive victory.
  • Castling: A daring and dynamic fragrance, where sparkling notes of grapefruit and mandarin intertwine with the sharp focus of green tea. This invigorating scent evokes a sense of calculated movement and readiness for anything.
  • Grandmaster: A masterful and complex fragrance, where warm spices like cardamom and nutmeg mingle with the earthy depth of sandalwood and vetiver. This sophisticated scent reflects the wisdom and experience of a seasoned player.
  • Double Attack: A playful and intriguing fragrance, where the sweetness of cassis blends with the unexpected intensity of black pepper. This playful scent evokes the thrill of a surprise maneuver, keeping your opponent guessing.