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Compare Aroma to gentle Fluidity Gold®

Maison Francis Kurkdjian


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gentle Fluidity – note the small g – is part of perfumer Francis Kurkdjian’s experiment to see what happens when you set out with an identical set of notes but head off in two separate directions. The result? A complementary (but utterly different) pair of fragrances - gentle Fluidity (Gold) and Gentle fluidity (Silver) – that prove that a painter’s palette is just a starting point and that the magic only happens when the painter picks up his brush. Two distinct forms emerge from the master’s art – one for him and one for her. Both sharing the same DNA.

gentle Fluidity (Gold) is the richer, more indulgent counterpart in the series. The sharp, aromatic freshness of the juniper and coriander of Gentle fluidity (Silver) has been dialed right back to allow the lush, almost syrupy vanilla-amber pairing take center stage, filling the air with its assertively sweet creaminess. The spice in gentle Fluidity is subtle but noticeable, the coriander berry in particular lending a gently champagne-like fizz that lifts the sultry vanilla pudding accord and gives it a metallic sparkle. Warm, sensuous, and as cozy as a cat on a lap, gentle Fluidity (Gold) is just the kind of thing you need when the world is all sharp angles and hard elbows.

Gentle Fluidity Gold Fragrance Notes

Juniper, nutmeg, coriander, musk, amber, woods, vanilla