Compare Aroma To Plum In Cognac

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  • Notes of Spice

    Brimming with notes of caramel and tobacco, this fragrance is perfect for those that want to leap out of their comfort zone. Cinnamon and Nutmeg further intensify the smokey intensity of the gourmand pairing, creating an addictive aroma that envelopes the senses and whisks you away on a seductive adventure for the soul.

    Decadent Plum

    There are few things out there as bold, decadent and beautiful as luscious, juicy, purple plums. Their naturally sweet taste will take you on a journey of fruity discovery that bewitches the senses.

    Fascinating Cognac-aged alcohol

    For this extraordinary scent - a scent so good that it received the 2021 Perfume Extraordinaire of the Year Award - we aged our organic, sugar cane alcohol in a vintage cognac barrel, giving the scent a captivating edge that beckons for decadence.

    Smooth and Smokey

    Finally, indulgent hints of Vanilla and Vetiver add a last touch of grounded warmth that perfectly rounds up the carnal woodiness of this voluptuous masterpiece.