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Rapa Nui for sugar, Tihota is, quite simply, The One. The One that will call to you every moment you're not smelling it, The One that you've only had hints of in other vanilla perfumes, The One that lasts and lasts, The One that has perfectly captured the essence of the pure nature of fresh vanilla beans and has harnessed it beyond your wildest dreams. It inspires obsessive devotion with its fragrance of smooth, vanilla bean pods dipped in honeyed water and left to steep. The result is the pure magic, an unbridled vanilla, sweet, raw and achingly desirable. Of course, Tihota isn't the first perfume to focus on the dark sweetness of vanilla… perfumery is filled with vanillas, but this smells like the dream of a master perfumer who was obsessed with vanilla and was finally given free rein to worship the note with no apologies. It is, without a sliver of a doubt, the finest pure vanilla we've ever had the honor of carrying, and it's so beautiful it pains us to put the bottle down.
Tihota Fragrance Notes

Vanilla bean, musks

In cooler temperatures Tihota may crystalize, you can heat to melt them. The crystalizing does not affect the fragrance in anyway. Its the high concentrations of essential oil that cause this