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This is an opportunity for everyone who wants to start selling fragrances!
Maybe you want to give these as gifts. Either way its a a great one time offer!
Get Five of Each of these - With Custom labels
*No substitutions these are the fragrances you will receive*

*Apex (By Roja Dove)* Not Released!
Sauvage Parfum (By Dior)
Prada Sport (By Prada)
Invictus Intense (By Paco Rabanne)
Gucci Guilty (By Gucci)
Y Live (By YSL)

Sexual Sugar (By Germain)
Delina Exclusif (By Parfums De Marley)
Perfect (By Marc Jacobs)
Gucci Guilty Love (By Gucci)
Black Orchid (By Tom Ford)
Good Fortune (By Viktor & Rolf)

*Tangerine Boy (By Phlur)* - Not Released!
Genlte Fluidity Gold (By MFK)
Apple Brandy Rocks(By Kilian)
F***ing Fabulous (By Tom Ford)
Lafayette Street (By Bond#9)
London Spice (By Fragrance Du Bois)
Loveliest Burning Cherry 48 Eau De Parfum (By Kay Ali)
Cry Baby Milk (By Melanie Martinez)