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Experience the sweet Caribbean nights with Miami Blossom Escada! Let yourself be carried away by the seductive scent of pineapple combined with the delicate notes of jasmine..

The fragrance starts with juicy pineapple blended with a profusion of elegant jasmine. The magic continues with an ultra feminine trail of delicate sandalwood and addictive musk. Miami Blossom is the perfect feminine fragrance to color your sunny days.

Between typical palm trees and exotic beaches, adopt the Miami lifestyle with a light and fruity fragrance: Miami Blossom is your key to living a summer in the heart of the Caribbean! Start your routine by moisturizing your skin with Miami Blossom Body Lotion for a smooth and lightweight experience. Then apply a few drops of Miami Blossom fragrance for a fruity and fresh experience. Don't forget to bring your roller ball back in your bag for a last minute touch-up! Finally, close your eyes and let yourself be carried away, you're already in Miami!