New Fragrance Alerts - Dubai Gold & F***king Fabulous

Rassan Parris

We are happy to have completed to AMAZING new releases! Why are we so happy? Well these two are ultra luxury and we were able to recreate the concentrated body oil for a fraction of the cost, and get them to lasts 5x longer!   These two are also PERFECT for...

Two weeks in the books! More to come!

Rassan Parris

So its been 2 weeks since the new site launched. I have to see we have been pleasantly surprised at the small number of issues we've had it this short period of time. This week we are introducing 3 new Creed fragrances and a 7 for $20.00 roll on deal! ...

Finally, a clean, crisp, non error filled website! Weeeerrrrrreeeee Baaaaaaackkkkk!

Rassan Parris1 comment

Its been a long time coming! We want to thank all of you who stumbled through the junk pile of a site we called home. Proudly we announce a new improved website, more fragrances, more product, more deals, and just more smell goodness! lol